Karin Heri from Malmö FF

This interview features Karin Heri, who is Head of Sustainability at the Swedish football club, Malmö FF. The interview is part of our Women in Football campaign, creating visibility for women working in the football industry.

  1. What do you like the most about working in football?  

That it is not just about what is happening on the pitch. The impact football has on so many people all over the world. It is a fantastic platform to make a difference.

2. Was it difficult for you to make your way in football?  

No, not really. I was presented with an opportunity to join the club and I took it. Eight years on I have to say it has not always been easy, but I feel great support from the colleagues in management as well as other stakeholders. I am under the suggestion that it is looked upon as something positive to be a woman within the Swedish football context.  

3. Did you have any (female) role models when you were younger?  

I was raised in Sweden to believe that I can do whatever I want. That it will take time, effort and resilience to achieve my goals but I have the same possibilities as everyone else. Growing up I was fascinated by strong women that where both ahead of their time and has had an great impact on how the world is looking today. To mention a few ; Amelia Boynton Robinson, the leader of the American civil rights movement and Marie Curie, the well known scientist and the first woman to win the nobel prize and the only woman to win the nobel prize twice. Ruth Bader Ginsberg for leading the way for women rights in so many ways.   

4. Which advice would you give to a girl that would like to work in football?  

Follow your dream, believe in yourself, work hard, prove them wrong, start building your professional network.  

5. What was the biggest challenge that you face during your career? 

In some (international more than Swedish) contexts people automatically expect a man to be the manager/expert. It is very sad that some people have those prejudice.   

6. What are the biggest changes that you have recognised when it comes to Women in football? 

You see more and more women in top positions not just within the football world, representation is important! I also think that many organisations are on their way to becoming more equal not because they have to but because they see beyond gender and have focus on competence. I want to believe that I hold the position I do based on my competence over anything else.  

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