Belgian Pro League clubs support national poster campaign against racism and discrimination

09 September 2021

Together with the KBVB (The Royal Belgian Football Association), Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF, the Pro League launches a national poster campaign against racism and discrimination in and around the stadiums. Chants that affect fans in their identity while they are experiencing their passion have no place in our sport.

Now that the fans can go back to their seats in the stadium, the Pro League, together with the KBVB, Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF, emphasise the importance of reporting racism or discrimination. Insulting and hateful statements or chants have no place in or around the stadium and in society. Every football fan should be able to live his or her passion and enjoy the game of his or her favourite team without being the victim of such hurtful speeches.

Poster campaign
Two players from each professional club were portrayed on a poster with their personal message. In this way, the professional clubs also contribute to the message that football is for everyone and that racism has no place in the stadium or in society. The Pro League hotline for racism and discrimination is also depicted on the posters.

“Every supporter, fan and player welcomes the return of supporters to the stadiums. As the joy and passion returns, let us keep discrimination out of the gates forever,” said Jan Cas, Football & Community manager at the Pro League.

Anyone who is the victim or witness of an incident in or around the stadium can now report it via a report button on the Pro League website. Reporting via the hotline is done via a procedure that was developed in consultation with Unia and the government and guarantees a legally and procedurally correct follow-up of reports, with special attention for victims and guidance for all involved.

The posters will not only be seen in the stadiums of all the Jupiler Pro League -and 1B Pro League clubs, but also at national and provincial teams, the training grounds, the canteen, or along the sidelines.

“The Pro League has been working on solid anti-racism and anti-discrimination policy since 2018, which is strengthened every year together with partner organisations and the government. This year, the hotline has been fully developed and put online and at the same time, alternative pathways in the fight against racism and discrimination are being deployed,” states Jan Cas.

At the moment, the Pro League is working with a partner organisation on new awareness-raising programmes for club employees and (reactive) alternative programmes for perpetrators of racist or discriminatory speeches or remarks in the stadium.