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Will you take a stand against racism and help us reach over 10,000,000 people in Europe? Join professional clubs such as SL Benfica, Chelsea FC, Dinamo Zagreb and Inter Milan in taking a stand against racism. Both professional and grassroots clubs are invited to join the Show Racism the Red Card campaign!

You can join our campaign as a fan, player, team and club! Soon, you will be able to download the “Red Cards” in multiple languages on our website.

Take team and/or players pictures with the Red Card during trainings and games and send them to us or share them on social media with the hashtags #Showracismtheredcard and #Diversitywins. Or take a video of your team showing racism the red card and end up in our media campaign together with Clubs such as Chelsea, Inter Milan and Benfica!


We can offer Red Cards in the 27 languages, including all the 24 European languages, Norwegian, Catalan and Welsh. You can either download the red cards from our website and print them yourself, or you can request the printed Red Cards. To request the cards, fill in the contact form below and let us know in which language you would like to receive cards and to whom and where we can ship the cards.


As soon as you have printed your cards, or received your cards from us, we ask you to take pictures of your team and/or individual players holding the red card. If you would like your club be a part of our partcipants page, email us your photos, club logo and a short paragraph with information about your club and how your club is commited to diversity and inclusion.

You can also create your own visuals. Create a poster of your team photo with the red card and hang the poster at your local football club. Upload your photo and club logo and generate your posters here.

Additionally, you can also videotape short statement from your players. Please make sure that there are no background noises (traffic, people talking, etc.), film the video in high resolution, and use the landscape format.

You can one use the following statements:

  • Together we make our voices heard. Together we Show Racism the Red Card. 
  • Together we fight for diversity, because Diversity Wins!  
  • [in own language] [Club name] is showing racism the red card, will you? 
  • [in own language] Show racism the red card. 


Social media

In order to reach as many people as possible, post the pictures of your team showing racism the red card on social media and use the hashtags #ShowRacismTheRedCard and #DiversityWins. You can tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @srtrc_europe and on Facebook at @SRTRCEU.

Game day campaign

Additionally, you can show the Red Card before kick-off together with the match official and the opposing team to send out a clear message. Opponents on the pitch, but partners in fighting racism and discrimination.

For professional clubs we have a “Show Racism the Red Card” banner, as well as pitch-side LED advertising available. For more information, send us an email and ask for the possibilities.


Do you want to go beyond making a statement and actions to your words? Here are a few ways you can take the campaign even further.

  • Make your club more inclusive. Use and distribute our Grassroots toolkit on how to handle racist and discriminatory incidents. The toolkit includes multiple guidelines on how to make your club more diverse and inclusive. For example, including an anti-discrimination paragraph in your Code of Conduct. Download the toolkit here (available soon) and the template for the Code of Conduct here (available soon).
  • Deliver our educational programme #DiversityWins. You can choose to deliver either the full, or integrate parts of the programme into your clubs existing programmes. For instance, as a club you can use the educational programme during holiday football camps or during other football or educational related events. You can download the materials for free here.

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