This year, the sports world is seeing an unprecentend momevent with clubs, players and leagues taking an active and public stand against racism. At Show Racism the Red Card, we support and encourage such initiatives because we believe that football is one of the most powerful social actors in our European societies. But now, it is time to turn statements into actions. With the Show Racism the Red Card program we have the opportunity to keep the momentum of the anti-racism movement going. Together we need to get more leagues, professional clubs, grassroots clubs, players and fans involved. Together we make our voices heard. Together we Show Racism the Red Card. And as a professional club, you can keep the momentum going in the following ways:

Get your red cards, take pictures & promote the campaign!

We can provide you with Red Cards in 27 languages, including all the 24 European languages, Norwegian, Catalan and Welsh. You can either download the red cards from our website and print them yourself, or you can request the printed Red Cards. To request the cards, fill in the contact form below and let us know in which language you would like to receive cards and to whom and where we can ship them. As soon as you receive your red cards, take pictures with your team and individual players holding up the red card. Then you promote your pictures on your social media channels with the statement that you #ShowRacismtheRedCard. Additionally, you can take a short video of your players stating that your clubs shows racism the red card. If you are interested, we have scripts available. In order to reach as many people as possible, post the pictures of your team showing racism the red card on social media and use the hashtags #ShowRacismTheRedCard and #DiversityWins. You can tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @srtrc_europe and on Facebook at @SRTRCEU.

Create your own visuals

You can easily create your Show Racism the Red Card visuals and posters. Start with picking the size of the design that you would like to create.

Create visuals