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Werder Bremen is the pioneer of corporate social responsibility in Germany’s national football league. Werder has an own department that organizes all the social projects, this department is called “CSR – Management” and consists of 10 employees and a few internships. Their jobs are to process all the everyday enquiries of the club-partners and –members, as well as the organization and development of new offerings, events and projects. Having a separate social department is special in the league; most of the clubs organize their CSR in the marketing or public relations department.

In 2012 we founded our CSR-brand “Werder bewegt – lebenslang” (Werder mobilizes – a lifelong) to strengthen and professionalize the social competences of the club. The brand consists of six different areas with a great variety of topics. We organize and support projects for all people, no matter what age or social status. Aspects like environmentalism, dedication towards discrimination, healthy diet, movement and education are main topics of the projects. Every project is supported by one or two public characters who are popular because of their operations in the areas of sport, economy, politics, music and television.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang grün-weiß/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong green-white
Werder offers activities for all age groups. Swimming and gymnastics for mothers and their babies, a kids club for children between eight and twelve years and special programs in the holidays and cultural and sportive activities for people up to 60 years. Besides this area consists of a project which is called “Werder goes Ehrenamt (volunteering)”. A great number of people supports Werder Bremen at different events and because of this support Werder is able to organize several events for people who need help.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang aktiv/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong active
The target of these projects is to give everybody the opportunity to do sports. Werder cooperates with more than 100 schools and sport clubs. Werder´s partners get tickets for free for the professional team of Werder, our trainers deliver some training sessions and Werder supports the partners with every kind of project. Besides the Werder “ball school” offers activities for children between 3,5 and 10 years. Another big project is the offering of sport activities for people with disabilities.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang gesund/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong healthy
Werder helps its partners and own employees to live healthy. The partners have the opportunity to get the official title “100 % fit Werder partner” when they organize sportive and healthy activities. In close collaboration with an insurance Werder creates special sportive programs for its employees.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang hilfsbereit/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong helpful
Werder labels its financial support for different organizations in the area of sport, education and prevention of violence. For example, we support local clubs with some merchandising for tournaments or other events.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang tolerant/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong tolerant
Werder appreciates terms like prevention of violence, Fair Play and equality. With different projects Werder is opposed to violence, drugs and discrimination.

Werder bewegt – Lebenslang umweltbewusst/ Werder mobilizes – A lifelong Eco conscious
In the context of the environment Werder produces its own ecological electricity with a great photovoltaic installation at the stadium. Besides the visitors of the “Weserstadion” have the opportunity to go the stadium by ferry, this is unique in Europe and very Eco conscious.

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