Rio De Janeiro 3-8 Dicembre, 2019: InterCampus Brasile Foto: ©Franco 0riglia per InterCampus

Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) is a anti-racism and anti-discrimination programme. Show Racism the Red Card is based on the Show Racism the Red Card organization in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1996. Since then, there have been different countries to start a Show Racism the Red Card organization, including the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Finland and more. The goal of Show Racism the Red Card Europe is to create a European-wide programme in which clubs from all over Europe can participate. We use the social power of football and the high-profile status of football players to help tackle and address racism and other forms of discrimination in society.


Together with our partner clubs, we developed the Show Racism the Red Card programme, which consists of multiple elements. The majority of the campaign’s output is an awareness-raising campaign in stadiums. Clubs distribute the Red Cards throughout their stadium for fans to hold up during the game. Fans can share pictures of them holding up the Red Card on social media by using the hashtags #ShowRacismTheRedCard, #SRTRCEU and #DiversityWins. The Red Cards are available in all the 24 EU languages (+ Norwegian, Welsh and Catalan). By displaying the Red Cards, clubs and fans show that they take a stand against racism.

Another important element of our campaign is educating others about racism and discrimination, what the effects of racism and discrimination are and how we can stop it. To learn more about each individual topic, click here.