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Join clubs such as SL Benfica, Rangers FC, Chelsea FC and Inter Milan in taking a stand against racism. Both professional and grassroots clubs are invited to join the Show Racism the Red Card campaign! As an individual or organisation, you can share your story (template) with us.

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    We can offer Red Cards in the 24 European languages (and Norwegian), a poster of your team photo, realise a team poster of your team holding the red card. Furthermore, we can provide you with a “Show Racism the Red Card” banner, as well as pitch-side LED advertising. Additionally, we have an educational programme available, complete with workbook and teacher’s manual. Are you joining are team and taking a stand against racism? Send us an email and ask for the possibilities!


    You can join our campaign as a fan, player, team and club! You can download the “Red Cards” in multiple languages on our website. Hold up your Red Card at the start of the game and post the image on social media and use the hashtags #ShowRacismTheRedCard and #DiversityWins.

    As a team you can download the Red Card, and take a team photo with the Red Card and post the picture on your social media and your club’s social media to showcase that you take a stand against racism. Use the hashtags #ShowRacismtheRedCard and #DiversityWins.

    Sign up your club for the campaign and receive a toolkit for grassroots clubs. The toolkit includes information on how to handle racism and discrimination and provide you with a guideline

    We also have educational material on racism, LGBT+ and religion available for schools. You can find workbooks and teacher’s manuals in our resources.

    More information? Send us an email!


    Join the European football community in Showing Racism the Red Card. If you would like to become a project ambassador, or feel one of your club’s members (players, coaches and staff) is ready to Show Racism the Red Card, submit the form below or send us an email to be featured alongside some high-profile football people.

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