2,000 participants Show Racism the Red Card in Brugge

30 April 2021

“Show Racism the Red Card” is an EFDN initiative implemented by Club Brugge Foundation, the social arm of Belgian national champion Club Brugge. It is a ready-made teaching package for pupils in the first grade of secondary education including lessons on the themes of racism and diversity. During the school visit of Minister of Equal Opportunities Bart Somers, Club Brugge President Bart Verhaeghe, and Alderman of Education Ann Soete to KTA Brugge, the class with the 2,000th participant in this project was put in the spotlight.

Despite the fact that today’s generation of young people is much more communicative than previous generations, they continue to experience barriers when speaking about and acting against racism and discrimination in their environment. Many teachers are also struggling these days with how to deal with racism at school and how to give their students every opportunity for a positive and safe environment, which is so often lacking in the wider society.

In response to this call, Club Brugge, through its social operation Club Brugge Foundation, has launched the EFDN project “Show Racism The Red Card”. In collaboration with 7 other top European clubs, Club Brugge Foundation has devised a detailed educational teaching package on the themes of racism, discrimination, equality, diversity and LGBTQ+. It uses the charisma and impact of Club Brugge football club and its players to make these themes more open to discussion among young people. These lessons fit seamlessly within the final attainment levels of ‘citizenship education’.

The curriculum is offered free of charge to all Flemish secondary schools, for their pupils to participate in. Already 21 schools from the whole of Flanders have started with this curriculum, representing 2,000 pupils. The class of KTA Bruges with the 2,000th participant in this project was surprised with a visit from Minister of Equal Opportunities Bart Somers, Club Brugge Chairman Bart Verhaeghe and Bruges Alderman for Education Ann Soete, who came to follow a lesson.

This project will be financially supported by Flanders in 2021 and recognised as a quality project that contributes to a shared and inclusive society to which every citizen actively contributes.

‘Show Racism The Red Card’ is part of a pan-European project, in which Club Brugge Foundation in cooperation with 7 other European football clubs Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, Chelsea FC Foundation, Inter Campus, Rangers Charity Foundation, PFC Ludogorets Razgrad, Fundacao Benfica, SV Werder Bremen and Geef Racisme de Rode Kaart and project coordinator EFDN use the same methodology in different European regions.

This pan-European project is financially supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).

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