Agja Caudéran Football joins Show Racism the Red Card

05 May 2021

We are pleased to announce that French Grassroots Club AGJA Caudéran Football which is based in Bordeaux, France, has joined the Show Racism the Red Card Campaign. Together, we will stand side by side to make sure that racism is eradicated on and off the football pitch.

L’AGJA Caudéran Football Club has as one of its key objectives to foster an environment whereby young children feel included and enjoy themselves when playing football. When one of its players was racially abused during a game last February, the Club decided to take a stance and mobilise its members and the local community to stand up against racism, by raising awareness and sharing good practices. They are proud to join the many football clubs that have already joined the campaign and want to show that smaller amateur teams can play a critical role in tackling racism at local level as much as the bigger professional football clubs can.

L’AGJA Caudéran Football Club focuses a lot of attention on its youth academy. It considers learning about and opposing racism and discrimination from a young age is very important as it makes one aware of the seriousness of the situation and the importance of showing respect to others with a different skin colour and promote inclusion. Children can also show a good example to their parents, family, young adults and friends that racism is unacceptable and immensely hurtful to those who are victim of such behaviour.

Together we will stand in diversity and solidarity!

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