Cagliari Calcio fight discrimination

19 May 2021

United to fight discrimination, prejudice and violence: Cagliari Calcio joined the “International day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia”, on May 17th. 

To raise everyone’s awareness of this issue, a series of initiatives were launched and highlighted last Sunday during the Serie A match against AC Milan. Special shirts were launched for the occasion, with Cagliari’s logo embraced by a rainbow flag, a symbol of peace, respect for diversity, an icon of the LGBT movement.

Also, last the week the girls and boys from the club’s youth teams participated in educational meetings held by the psychologists and educators Fabio Zarra and Virginia Marino. At the end, each of them was able to write their own message against homophobia and standing for equality. The most significant messages were published on the club’s social media channels, within a dedicated photo gallery.

 In addition, we can see on Cagliari social networks that the club logo with the rainbow replaced the traditional one and all the corner football flags of Assemini Sports Centre were colored with the rainbow.

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