Club Brugge will continue to Show Racism the Red Card in 2022 as well

18 January 2022

On the eve of the resumption of the football season, Club Brugge and its Foundation want to reiterate that in the new year, it will continue to fight against discrimination in football. The club was and is showing racism the red card.

Together with its Foundation and various stakeholders, Club Brugge has been working for years on various actions and campaigns against discrimination and racism. Starting at home, with the multicultural composition of the locker room, with 14 different nationalities. Club NXT is also an example of how people from different origins can live together in a good and inspiring way. Diversity for them is an added value and they want to radiate that. Together they form a team and pursue one goal on and off the field: to be the best. Hand in hand comrades.

As a football organisation that reaches thousands of fans and inspires young people every day, Club Brugge is committed to a series of targeted actions aimed at eliminating all forms of discrimination from football and – literally and figuratively – showing racism the red card. The club places great emphasis on prevention, but also take straightforward and vigorous action when incidents occur.

Banners during the match against Sint-Truidense V.V.

During the match against Sint-Truidense V.V., Club Brugge showed the “Show Racism the Red Card” logo on the banners on the side of the pitch. This way, the club publically showed its commitment to anti-discrimination and anti-racism. The banners are not the only thing the club does to commit to eliminating racism from football. You can find more examples of their work below.


Since the launch of the school project ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ in October 2020, Club Brugge Foundation has already reached 3,000 pupils from the first grade of secondary education – representing 147 classes in 27 schools all over Flanders – who have been working on a detailed teaching package developed by our Foundation.

The lessons deal with themes such as diversity as an asset, the meaning of religion and symbols, recognising differences and similarities in cultures, fighting LGBTQ+ and homophobia. With this schools project, we support schools and teachers in educating their pupils in the first grade of secondary education, who are still very vulnerable to external influences.

In 2022 Club Brugge Foundation will continue its commitment to the schools project. Secondary schools that are interested in this package of lessons and would like more information about it can visit this website.


Unfortunately, racism and discrimination still occur in youth football and amateur football. We therefore call on as many football clubs as possible to become ambassadors of our ‘Give Racism the Red Card’ campaign by jointly propagating this message.

Sign up with your football club and make it clear that racism and discrimination have no place at your football club.

In association with Football Flanders, Club Brugge has committed to organising a workshop on ‘Discrimination and racism in football’ on Tuesday 8 March at the Jan Breydel Stadium. During this workshop, football clubs that register will be given tools to recognise discrimination, to deal with discrimination and racism and how to react as an individual and club employee, trainer, parent, supporter or player. More information and registration can be found here.


Despite the various actions taken in recent years, the club has not been spared from a few incidents of discriminatory and racist repercussions. The club family as a whole wants to counter this and does not accept that the image of Club Brugge and “being a Club Brugge supporter” should be damaged as a result. Club Brugge therefore continues to engage in a constructive dialogue with its fans, representatives of fan groups and the Supporters Federation in order to take the necessary action together against discriminatory speeches or other statements that offend people.

In close consultation and cooperation with the competent services, Club Brugge will continue to assume its responsibilities and act appropriately in the event of possible incidents. For years now, Club Brugge has been committed to the fight against racism and does not hesitate, as a football organisation, to issue civil exclusions and stadium bans.

Ultimately, the club wants Fort Jan Breydel to be a place where everyone feels at home and where discrimination has no place.