Concerning events happened within European football last week

04 October 2021

A number of racist and anti-Semitic incidents took place last week during different matches of the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League. These events happened only one week after AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan racially abused by a Juventus supporter during a match.

Despite the commitment of a number of organizations that are willing to eradicate racism from football and from society, and the raising voices of athletes themselves and their entourage condemning these acts of hate, the sad reality is that racist events still happen in football.

From Show Racism the Red Card we would like to speak up against these events. We believe that further action needs to be taken place in order to send the right message: that violence and hate should not be present in football.

We would also call out every football stakeholders, from international organizations, national federations, clubs and fans, to be aware that what they say and do at football stadiums makes an impact on the children and youth attending these matches, and can send the wrong message to the future generations.

We are all responsible for Showing Racism the Red Card!

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