01 December 2020

Eleven Sports Belgium released a promotional video over the weekend to highlight the for-development initiatives and programmes of Belgian clubs.

The video falls within the broader Eleven United campaign, which offers monthly reports on the social projects of Belgian professional clubs relating to important themes such as education, diversity and anti-racism, health, environmental awareness, drug prevention, supporter participation and more.

This month’s edition, which is the first of the programme running until June 2021, features the projects of KV Kortrijk and KMSK Deinze – both represented at the 14th EFDN Conference – as well as RFC Seraing United and EFDN member Club Brugge.

Club Brugge’s Show Racism the Red Card campaign also made an appearance in the video. The More than FootballAward winner has joined us in the fight against discrimination and racism in European football. Read more about the project here.

KV Kortrijk is featured for their Younited Kortrijk programme to promote the inclusion of vulnerable societal groups through football under the umbrella Younited Belgium programme, which was among the shortlisted projects for the 2020 #Morethanfootball Award.

The video moved on to KMSK Deinze’s Plogging programme. Plogging is an activity by which participants jog or walk and pick up litter and trash on their way. The programme encourages environmentally friendly habits especially in youth players, who are the central target group of the initiative.

Finally, the video presented RFC Seraing United’s Steward Training programme, which gives migrants in the community the opportunity to employment and social inclusion through sport.

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