English football commits support for taking the knee

04 August 2021

Football’s organisations across the United Kingdom unite in support of players taking the knee before matches in 2021/22. The FA, Premier League, English Football League, FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, PFA, LMA, FSA, PGMOL and Kick it Out will collectively support all players, managers and individuals who wish to take the knee ahead of matches this season.

The announcement was initially made by the English Football League (EFL). A couple of days ahead of the opening round of League fixtures, the EFL is reaffirming its support to any player(s) and staff who wish to take the knee during the 2021/22 season. Other Football organisations in England have joined in since yesterday and showed their support to stand together against racism and any form of discrimination. “The message is clear – prejudice and abuse – whether in the street, in the stadium or online has no place in society – and the EFL will not accept it.”

Since last June, many players have chosen to perform this simple yet powerful act of taking the knee to protest against racism and discrimination, and in doing so, have elevated important conversations on these issues in society.

“Taking the knee is an individual choice that many players wish to make as a way of peacefully demonstrating against racism and injustice. This gesture of unity is not new, and we do not view it as an alignment to any political organisation or ideology, but rather raising the awareness of this important issue. We ask that fans respect any player that wishes to take the knee and support them in their stance against discrimination.”

While not all players will choose to express their opposition to discrimination through taking the knee, players, clubs and authorities are committed to work as a collective to address all prejudiced behaviour through the coming season and beyond. 

“English football will never accept racism or any form of discrimination in our game and we will use every opportunity to send a strong unified message that we are together against inequality. This includes continuing our collective efforts to lobby Government on the Online Safety Bill and urging social media companies to act faster and take action to protect their users from abuse.” 

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