Inter Campus is helping to promote diversity in schools

03 January 2022

EFDN member Inter Campus is continuing to spread positive messages in schools, working alongside other European clubs and the European Football for Development Network as part of the Show Racism the Red Card programme promoted by the European Commission.

More than 300 boys and girls took part in specially run classes at two primary schools in Sesto San Giovanni. During the four lessons with each class, photos, videos, games and experiences from Inter Campus countries were shared with pupils to raise awareness of a topical global issue: racism and discrimination, in life and in sport.

Here are two of the testimonies collected from the youngsters who took part:

“I think it’s important to respect my class-mates because we’re all different but we all have the same rights.”

“We didn’t know our class-mate was so good at drawing. We found out thanks to these meetings and now we can ask her for help if we need it.”

In the final meeting every pupil was given a symbolic red card, a workbook with the games played together and a certificate of participation. In order to receive their certificate, each pupil had to sign a ‘contract’ in which they made a commitment to be more inclusive and welcoming to others.

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