Jan Cas Presentation - 'Show Racism the Red Card' Webinar

05 August 2021

On the 6th of July between 2 PM and 3:30 PM ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ hosted a webinar on anti-discrimination and anti-racism programmes in football, such as our European awareness-raising campaign and our #DiversityWins educational programme that promotes diversity, respect, and tolerance on and off the pitch.

During the webinar, we saw presentations from professional football clubs from different countries who have participated in our programme such as Pro League Belgium, Club Brugge, Toulouse FC, Inter d’Escaldes, and Nuova Peloro. The EFDN also shared a presentation on how you can use our free resources and become a part of the biggest anti-discrimination campaign in Europe.

In this article, we will be focusing on Jan Cas who is the Pro League, CSR Manager in Belgium. During the presentation Jan went more into detail about how the Belgian Football world is so heavily involved in anti-discrimination campaigns, this was due to a racist incident that took place in December 2020. Royal Antwrp FC’s captain Faris Haroun received racist insults online after a match against Club Brugge. The captain reacted on social media by saying; “Sad world we are living in, I am black, Belgian – Chadian and proud, say no to any form of racism.

Through this the Pro League created a matchday campaign: ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, other Professional clubs expressed solidarity by sharing messages online in support of Faris Haroun and against racism and discrimination. Eleven Sports, which is the Media partner of the Pro League, supported the campaign during the match and with a videoreport. On Matchday 18, before kick-off, captains of both teams and the referees took a picture with the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ card. After this more awareness was raised by clubs and fans posting pictures on social media.

This is not the only thing which the Pro League does to combat racism on and off the football pitch, but it also organises training sessions for officials, security officers and stewards, adaptation of regulations and organisation of information sessions, development of partnerships with expert organisations and lastly publication of the guide on discriminatory and offesive chants.

We very much enjoyed the presentation that was given by Jan, and we would like to thank Jan again for being one of the speakers during the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ Webinar.

Watch the full presentation below!

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