Josh Cavallo received homophobic abuse during football match

12 January 2022

The Australian player, who publicly came out as gay in 2021, was the victim of homophobic abuse when he came into the football field to substitute his teammate.

Josh has shared in his social media channels how he felt during the incident.

Holding those who actively discriminate others accountable for their actions is what Josh Cavallo asks for, and he does not only refer to homophobic abuse, but any kind of discrimination towards others. He also shared his thoughts about what social media platforms are doing to prevent targeted groups from online discrimination, asking for more work to do to avoid that online discrimination continues happening to him and others. On a final note, the player was thankful for the support received both online and after the incident at the stadium.

After less than 2 weeks into the new year, discriminatory incidents at the professional level of sport keep happening. However, these incidents remain at the lower level, where it is even harder to report or provide evidence. From Show Racism the Red Card we would like to remind clubs, associations and individuals to take a stand against discrimination by educating and speaking up when incidents like this happen.

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