#KickOut initiative

13 May 2021

Everyone should be and be able to say that, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. In reality, however, homophobia is widespread, and there is often a lack of acceptance and tolerance of different gender identities. In our society it is therefore difficult for many people to find themselves and to live in the way that is right for them. Anyone who can say “I am” without restriction will still be in a privileged situation in 2021.

In order to create more visibility for queer realities and normality beyond straight life, a Berlin initiative of queer people has taken an example from actors and teachers and their actions #actout and #teachout. She lets active players in football show their faces with #kickout. The main thing is to encourage people. “Many queer people are perhaps stuck in structures that do not or not yet enable them to be themselves always and everywhere,” explain Sofie Goetze (30) and Pia Mann (39), two of the initiators: “We want to be a role model for them be and tell them: We are there, we are many, we are different. And you are just as right as you are. “

This is what 106 people with their faces and their names stand for, women, men, trans and inter people, non-binary people, professionals who are successful at the highest level and passionate about amateur football from Germany, Poland, France, Argentina, or Uganda. All with a story, their own experiences, and a goal: “We want football in which no coming-out is necessary and every person can freely say“ I am ”or not. A world in which nobody is discriminated against. “

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