Liverpool FC launches LGBT staff network

01 March 2021

The LGBT History Month will see Liverpool FC introduce its first ever LGBT staff network.

The new LGBT staff network, which forms part of the club’s Red Together inclusion strategy, was created to maintain a safe, inclusive and fair environment at the club where everyone can be their true authentic selves.

“The creation of the group is part of the club’s Red Together strategy, which promotes and encourages diversity across the football club to make it as inclusive and welcoming as possible for everyone. One of Red Together’s commitments was to create several new colleague networks to allow people to connect across the club, create an internal community and enhance engagement with the wider community and supporter groups. 

The network will be actively involved in a number of internal and external events celebrating the LGBT community, including LCR Pride in Liverpool, Rainbow Laces, Pride Month and LGBT History Month to build on the great work that the club has been doing. 

I’m personally delighted and feel empowered to be a part of it and I’m looking forward to what we can achieve as a network of like-minded individuals” Mark Armario, Senior Manager at LFC and member of the LGBT staff network.

For more information on Red Together, visit:

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