Peter Gheysen - 'Show Racism the Red Card' Webinar

21 July 2021

As part of the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ project, we have hosted a webinar on anti-discrimination and anti-racism programmes in football, such as our European awareness-raising campaign and our #DiversityWins educational programme that promotes diversity, respect, and tolerance on and off the pitch.

During the webinar, we saw presentations from professional football clubs from different countries who have participated in our programme such as Pro League Belgium, Club Brugge, Toulouse FC, Inter d’Escaldes, and Nuova Peloro. The EFDN also shared a presentation on how you can use our free resources and become a part of the biggest anti-discrimination campaign in Europe.

Positive evaluation of the school programme

In this article, we will be focusing on the presentation given by Peter Gheysen from the Club Brugge Foundation, which is the CSR department of the Belgian Champions. The foundation has many projects going on at the moment focused around sports, social integration and health and education.

In the presentation, Peter also went through the main objectives of the ‘SRtRC’ project, such as raising awareness of diversity, foster tolerance and social cohesion, reduce physical and verbal violence linked to racism, make society aware of the negative impact of racism on individuals, avoid anti-social behaviour at Club Brugge, football and the entire society. Peter also provided the attendees with an insight into the planning of their project delivery in schools and the set-up of partnerships. Last but not least, he shared the results of the evaluation of the first delivery phase in schools. More than 70% of the pupils indicated that they are more confident to talk about racism and discrimination with their teachers, parents and friends.

Watch the full presentation!

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