Please, I can’t breath –

30 May 2020

George Floyd’s death has sparked great unrest and reactions which many of us will not have witnessed before. The United States is being turned upside down with the fight against injustice being re-ignited. However, on this occasion, the fight against racism has transcended border and created unity worldwide.

The whole world was able to see how a white police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, after which he died. Unarmed and saying he couldn’t breathe.

For many people in Europe, racism and discrimination are encountered every day. This must stop. Show Racism the Red Card Europe stands in solidarity with those educating themselves, using their voices and signing petitions to enact systematic change. We challenge everyone to do the same.

Educate yourself, honour the feelings of others, and act. Now is the time.

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