Real Betis Balompié shows Racism the red card

19 October 2021

We are happy to announce that the Spanish Club Real Betis Balompié has joined the Show Racism the Red Card campaign as a part of the #FootballPeople days organized by Fare. The club decided to join as an initiative that would also help raise awareness during the biggest campaign in football aiming for social change.

With this statement, Real Betis shows their support to ending discrimination in football. The clubs has announced that as a part of the Show Racism the Red Card and #FootballPeople campaigns their players will take part in this movement through the social media channels. Additionally, players from the Betis academy will receive an educative talk from CEAR, a Spanish organization supporting refugees.

From Show Racism the Red Card we celebrate that Real Betis is joining us in making football a safe space.


Fundación Real Betis believe that football can be used as a tool to promote educational values, to contribute to the fight against marginalisation and social exclusion, as well as to promote healthy life habits among children and young people.

Every year, Fundación Real Betis supports more than 300 organisations that work in the social or environmental sector, mainly in Seville and Andalusia. Each Season, the Foundation addresses a long list of initiatives to continue their work to improve social, economic and environmental factors within the community, being aware that social responsibility is increasingly important in any type of organisation, but much more so in a club like Real Betis Balompié, where the value of feelings and emotions are always present.

The foundation follows the guidelines established by the historical and philosophical values ​​and the universal social dimensions of Real Betis Balompié. To achieve this, Fundación Real Betis Balompié developed different programmes and activities to give back to society, in the way that the Betis fans give to the club every day.

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