RKC Waalwijk joins Show Racism the Red Card

04 December 2020

Dutch Eredivisie club RKC Waalwijk joined the Show Racism the Red Card campaign. RKC and its foundation Samen RKC are taking a stand against racism. RKC have been delivering their Ieder1Gelijk (Every1Equal) programme for a few years now. The educatational programme that they deliver in local middle schools and high schools is focused on the topics of anti-racism, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying. And now they are also participating in the Show Racism the Red Card campaign by integrating the ‘red card’ in the educational programme as well as using the high-profile of their players in showing racism the red card. Captain Anas Tahiri and Hans Mulder of RKC are setting an example by showing racism the red card.


Ieder1Gelijk is an educational programme implemented in both middle schools and high schools in the municipiality of Waalwijk, where the club of RKC is located. Respect, Anti-discrimination and Bullying are the central themes of the workshops. The programme runs each fall, with teachers in receiving an invitation to participate in the project. The projects consists of one week of workshops for the participating schools. Each day, a different theme is discussed in a fun and interactive way by using the universal context of football. The workshops are delivered by the staff of the foundation Samen RKC. Additionally, a complete educational package is provided for each participating school.

Additional to the in-class workshops, the educational programme includes a visit to an all-round gym for all the participants. At the gym, a certified coach teaches the participants about self-defense and fitness. The participants learn how to defend themselves, but also helps them to identify and prevent situations from escalating into a violent situation. Besides that, participants do exercises focused on body language and cooperation.

Besides middle schools, first year high schoolers also participate in the program. The programme is adjusted slightly for high schoolers, to fit the level accordingly. The high school students will go a bit more in depth into discussing the topics of racism and discrimination.

Aim of the project

  • Spreading awareness about the topics of anti-discrimination, anti-racism, bullying and respect.
  • Promote equality and highlight diversity.
  • Tackle discrimination in schools and in sport.

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