Royal Belgian FA Anti-Racism action plan

05 March 2021

Unfortunately, racism and discrimination still remain a major challenge on and around football pitches. It is for this reason that the Royal Belgian Football Association, Football Flanders, and the ACFF have taken the initiative to bring in, 20 representatives and experts together, to prepare and implement a new action plan to fight racism and discrimination.

Football is a sport where religion, the colour of your skin, or sexual orientation should not matter. Football unites people from all different backgrounds. It makes us all feel part of a community where we can enjoy what we all love.

The main pillars of the plan are the following:

· A Diversity Board will be established which will make it easier for victims and clubs to report racist and discriminating behaviour during football matches.

· All officials involved in football including referees, administrators, youth assistants, and trainers will be given training and educational materials to better recognise and contribute to tackling all forms of racism and discrimination.

· A major Communication and Information campaign will be launched to highlight the aims and key elements of the action plan and mobilise public opinion behind it.

· When there are violations and acts of racism and discrimination, effective disciplinary action will be taken. There will be a zero tolerance policy.

· Progress and effects of the action plan will be monitored and regularly reviewed. In cooperation with Universities, a study has been launched to map and track instances of racism and discrimination in football to assess the effects of the action plan.

The full Action Plan is available on the website of the Royal Belgian Football Association. With a view to promoting its effective implementation, the Association has called on all football players, trainers, supporters, volunteers, stewards, referees, and everyone beside the pitch to join forces and help ensure that racism and discrimination never sees the light of day again!

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