Show Racism the Red Card UK celebrates 25-year anniversary and launches South-Africa Chapter

25 January 2021

Show Racism the Red Card turns 25

This year the leading anti-racism charity in the UK Show Racism the Red Card celebrates its 25th year! Over those years, they have developed and expanded there reach throughout the United Kingdom, with now 5 offices based throughout the UK. 25 years ago Newcastle United goalkeeper Shaka Hislop was racially abused at a Newcastle petrol station. Once the perpetrators realised who they were abusing, they quickly changed their tune and requested autographs from Shaka, which he politely denied. This prompted Shaka to reach out to SRTRC CEO Ged Grebby and donate a sum of money. This money and support from Shaka brought about the birth of Show Racism the Red Card. Shaka’s recognition of the influence that his position in the community could have on changing people attitudes towards racism formed the basis for SRTRC approach to tackling racism.

Show Racism the Red Card Europe

Not only did SRTRC grow in the UK, but Grebby’s initiative was followed in other European countries as well. Similar organizations or campaigns were founded in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Furthermore, the EU-funded project Show Racism the Red Card – which is coordinated by the European Football for Development Network – is based on the concept and idea of Show Racism the Red Card. Similar to SRTRC UK, Show Racism the Red Card Europe aims to work together with professional football clubs to use the power of football to educate people on the topic of racism and discrimination.

Launch of the SRTRC South-Africa chapter

And now the Show Racism the Red Card goes global. This week, the South African chapter will be launched by Show Racism the Red Card UK. SRTRC will partner with Ahmed Kathrada Foundation to launch an educational programme in South Africa.

Who was Ahmed Kathrada?

Ahmed Kathrada was a veteran anti-apartheid activist who was jailed for life on 12 June 1964, along with Nelson Mandela and other activists. Released on 15 October 1989, he went on to become a Member of Parliament after South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. He served one five-year term, during which he also acted as Mr Mandela’s Parliamentary Counsellor. He established the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation in 2008. To find out more about the Kathrada Foundation click here.

SRtRC CEO, Ged Grebby on the partnership:

“We are excited to be working with the Kathrada Foundation to launch Show Racism the Red Card in South Africa. We are now in our 25th year and have worked with many different organisations throughout the world in this period.  However, we have never had a sister organisation in Africa and we believe this to be a great development.  Football is the world’s number one sport and using footballing role models to combat racism throughout society is a proven model we have developed over the years.

South Africa has a central role in the historic fight against racism.   The anti-Apartheid movement inspired a generation of anti-racism activists in the same way the current Black Lives Matter movement is inspiring a new generation.  Show Racism the Red Card look forward to working with the Kathrada Foundation to help build a strong section of SRtRC in South Africa.”

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