Tips for clubs to promote diversity

31 March 2021

More and more football clubs and organisations are making statements in support of diversity and inclusion, aiming to create an enviroment where everyone feels welcome and safe, no matter their nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation.

All clubs can do something in support of diversity, regardless of the size of the club, we don’t have to forget that each of us can play a part in creating an open society.

See some examples in order of involvement of what actions clubs can take to promote social inclusion:


  • Policies.

Check that your organisation has inclusion policies and that they are up to date. 

  • Avoid using language that makes assumptions about people’s gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression.
  • Educate people around you (organise group discussions, workshops and) trainings with different associations)
  • Challenge discrimination and racism



  • Publish on social media to help raise awareness. 
  • Support campaigns such as Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces or Football against Transphobia Week of Action, to showcase commitment to inclusion.
  • Networking and cooperation. 


  • Run projects to offer visibility, support and educate in relation to LGBTQ+, BAME, religious, disability, inclusivity and equality. 
  • Choose ambassadors

Reach out role models within your community.

  • Facilities:  

Consider what could be done to your facilities to make them more inclusive, such as introducing gender-neutral changing rooms. 


  • Diversity and Inclusion Team
  • Security at the stadium against discrimination
  • Security officers should be aware of potential discriminatory acts. 

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