The dark side of football

07 June 2021

Very sad news has emerged from Italy: former youth-player of AC Milan has committed suicide, the 20-year old Seid Visin was found dead in his apartment last Friday. At his funeral an open letter was read which he wrote two years before his death, explaining the racial abuse the player felt while living in Italy.

“Wherever I go, wherever I am, I feel the weight of skeptical, prejudiced, repugnant and fearful looks like a boulder on my shoulders. I am not an immigrant. I was adopted as a child. I remember everyone used to love me as a kid, but now everything seems to be turned upside down. For example, I was not allowed to continue working in a restaurant because many people, especially the elderly, refused to be served by me. They held me responsible for the fact that many young (white) Italians were unable to find work.”

The highly-talented football player was once regarded as one of the upcoming prospects at AC Milan, unfortunately he was not given the opportunity.

The death of the 20-year old midfielder left not only the Italian world in shock but the whole football world. The father, Walter Visin a connection should not be made with the letter from 2019 and his tragic death.

My son did not kill himself because he was a victim of racism. He has always been loved and well-liked, this morning the church was crowded with young people and families for his funeral.”

Walter Visin

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