We are looking for clubs ALL OVER EUROPE to join our campaign!

05 October 2020

Grassroots football has the power to postively impact society by promoting tolerance and inclusion and to fight discrimination. You can join the more than 90 clubs, leagues and FAs using #MoreThanFootball, or participate in the #FootballPeople Weeks from the FARE Network!

The #FootballPeople weeks unite supporters, clubs, players, minority groups and communities affected by discrimination to stand for equality and inclusion. EFDN’s #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks are meant for clubs to showcase their projects that positively impact society. Are you following your favorite club’s example? You as a grassroots club can show that you are more than football by showing racism the red card!

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Request your Red Card here: https://bit.ly/2GIkmN6
  2. Take a picture of your team (or individual players) with the Red Cards and share them on Social Media with the hashtags #ShowRacismtheRedCard and #DiversityWins
  3. Take a short video with your players (group of individual) holding the Red Card and saying “Show Racism the Red Card” in your language. Send us those videos to help us create a great promotional video for the campaign.

Join clubs like SL Benfica, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan, Brentford FC, Rangers FC, Werder Bremen, Club Brugge and PFC Ludogorets in showing racism the red card.

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