Anna Pencheva from PFC Ludogorets 1945

This interview features Anna Pencheva who is the Director of Marketing and Sales at PFC Ludogorets 1945. The interview is part of our Women in Football campaign, which focuses on creating visibility for women working in the football industry.

  1. What do you like the most about working in football?  

Its exciting to work in the field of football. 

Football is a dynamic game, with many twists and challenges. Fans are completely different from customers, they behave differently and the way to reach them is different. This is a great challenge for me and builds creativity in me every day. Football is a social phenomenon that provides a wide field for expression and creativity. 

  1. Was it difficult for you to make your way in football?  

In the beginning yes. But later, when I felt the spirit of this game, the opportunities it provides, and the challenges it poses to me every day, it gave me the strength to develop in the profession with great pleasure. I am already convinced that women can succeed as employees and workers in football. 

  1. Did you have any (female) role models when you were younger?  

I would not say that I had specific role models. I liked popular women from different fields, sports, music, politics, art. I admired their success in the field in which they are popular and I tried to be as purposeful as them. 

  1. Which advice would you give to a girl that would like to work in football?  

I would tell them that if they want the job to give them pleasure, they can try football. Here it is dynamic, interesting, full of challenges. 

  1. What was the biggest challenge that you face during your career?  

My professional experience is in the field of marketing and has gained in various businesses. In all the companies I have worked in, I have focused as much as possible on establishing a brand and maximally satisfying the needs of the clients. This experience helped me in my work as a marketing director in a football club, as I had to change my ideas and the way of communication from clients to fans. 

  1. What are the biggest changes that you have recognised when it comes to Women in football?  

That football is not a simple game. Before I started working at PFC Ludogorets 1945, as a woman I thought that a match was held according to simple rules with 22 players on the field and one ball. Subsequently, I found that this is a complex and very specific process, which is based on rules that are followed by all professionals. And in this process, there is a lot of logic, a wide range of action, and implementation. These conclusions made me look at this game in a different way to overcome different challenges every day. I was not a football fan, but I definitely am now! 

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