Christina Koromila from AEK Athens

This interview features Christina Koromila A who is the Social Media Manager & EFDN Contact Person at the Greek football club AEK Athens. This interview is part of our Women in Football campaign, which focuses on creating visibility for women working in the football industry.

  1. What do you like the most about working in football?

The feeling that we are a team, a family, with the same goals and ambitions. We share the same feelings for our team. But what excites me most about working in football is its power and beyond the 4 lines of a field and how football can achieve positive social change.

2. Was it difficult for you to make your way in football?

As my dad has been working for this team for 30 years and I have been supporting this team since I was born, I could not have imagined doing anything else in my life. I was lucky enough! Shortly before I finished my university studies I sent my CV when the team needs new employees in my field.

3. Did you have any (female) role models when you were younger?

The General Director of AEK Angeliki Arkadi was my role model when I was younger. I have known her since I was a child. I saw her work for AEK when I went to the stadium to watch AEK matches and even though I was a child I understood that a woman can work and succeed in football. Now I have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her.

4. Which advice would you give to a girl that would like to work in football?

Focus on your goals! It is in the nature of a woman to be a fighter and capable!

5. What was the biggest challenge that you face during your career?

Due to my position some days of the week I have to be and work in the training center with the team. The first few months I was shy and did not feel so comfortable because I was the only woman in the training center. But the players and the staff made me feel part of the team very quickly and my gender doesn’t matter. We are all one team!

6. What are the biggest changes that you have recognised when it comes to Women in football?

We are part of the team regardless of our gender!

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